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Climate Chaos DVD Set

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Climate Chaos DVD Set

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Steve Quayle
Gill Broussard
Shephard Ambellas
Mike From Around the World
Kevin Wilson Band
Pastor Paul Begley
Bart Charles Begley BC Films


Every year we are breaking a new records in hurricane intensity, in acres of wildfires burned, in flood swept valleys, in earthquakes and volcanoes! Our earth is in an unescapeable doward trajectory that will soon not be compatible with humankind. Steve Quayle will bring ground breaking information on weather modifcation and man made disasters! Gil Broussard will give us the most up to date information on Planet 7X! MrMBB333 Michael Bradbury Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub has white paper reports of a fast approaching meteor field! Mike From the Council of Time will bring jaw dropping information as usual! Kevin Wilson Music Pastor Paul Begley will bring these current events together and tell you what Biblical significance they hold. Bart Charles Begley will put together another great film on this ever concerning Climate Chaos!